Monsters and other Creatures

My curiosity was aroused by seeing certain creatures appearing in different computer games over and over, e.g. Orcs. So I started looking up the origins of these creatures - and it became quite a task, which apparently has no end! Any way, in compiling this list, I have not attempted to describe ALL monsters and other nasties, but restricted myself to those creatures I have become aware of as being used in various computer games. I have not included those characters that I assumed were common knowledge e.g. Archers.

The Coal Face: Bluetake Bluetooth Mouse

Welcome to a new column that I have decided to write for the Apple Bug. The Editor is always desperate for members to send him articles to include in the magazine, and I have been trying to come up with an idea that will fulfil his needs and also give me the excuse to not have to write a column every month. This time I am reviewing a Bluetooth mouse supplied by a company called Bluetake.

Bluetake Bluetooth USB Adaptor

At last December's meeting, I demonstrated how you could use Bluetooth wireless technology transfer data to and from your mobile phone. Since then, a slew of new Bluetooth products have hit the market. One company that has released a range of innovative products is Bluetake.