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Bluetake Bluetooth USB Adaptor

by Dale Rodgie

Bluetake Bluetooth USB Adaptor At last December's meeting, I demonstrated how you could use Bluetooth wireless technology transfer data to and from your mobile phone. Since then, a slew of new Bluetooth products have hit the market. One company that has released a range of innovative products is Bluetake.

Their Bluetooth USB Adaptor has a greater range than the other adaptors I have used - 100 metres rather than 10 metres on other brands. I wasn't able to test the extended range since I didn't have any devices that had the extended range.

Installation could not be easier. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later, but does not require any drivers - true plug and play. At only 7.8mm thick, it makes it easier to plug other USB devices into adjacent ports.

The tested the adaptor with my Siemens S55 mobile phone and Bluetake's Bluetooth Mouse and they both worked without any problems. I tested iSync and the Address Book's Bluetooth features and they both worked without a hitch.

At $75, the Bluetake Bluetooth USB Adaptor is good value for money. The only problem I could find with it was the lack of instructions - however, I did not need them.

Product:Bluetake Bluetooth USB Adaptor (BT007X)
Web Address:
Available from:Mac One New Farm
Pros:Slim design; greater range; true plug and play; no drivers needed.
Cons:No instructions for the Mac.