Club Rules

Rules of Apple-Q Inc.

  1. BY-LAWS
    1. The management committee may make, amend or repeal by-laws, not inconsistent with these rules, for the internal management of the association.
    2. A by-law may be set aside by a vote of members at a general meeting of the association.
    1. Subject to the Associations Incorporation Act 1981, these rules may be amended, repealed or added to by a special resolution carried at a general meeting.
    2. However an amendment, repeal or addition is valid only if it is registered by the chief executive.
    1. The management committee must ensure the association has a common seal.
    2. The common seal must be-
      1. kept securely by the management committee; and
      2. used only under the authority of the management committee.
    3. Each instrument to which the seal is attached must be signed by a member of the management committee and countersigned by-
      1. the secretary; or
      2. another member of the management committee; or
      3. someone appointed by the management committee.
    1. The funds of the association must be kept in an account in the name of the association in a financial institution decided by the management committee.
    2. Records and accounts must be kept in the English language showing full and accurate particulars of the financial affairs of the association.
    3. All amounts must be deposited in the financial institution account as soon as practicable after receipt.
    4. If an amount of $100 or more is paid by cheque, the cheque must be signed by any 2 of the following-
      1. the president;
      2. the secretary;
      3. the treasurer;
      4. another member authorised by the management committee for the purpose.
    5. Cheques, other than cheques for wages, allowances or petty cash recoupment, must be crossed 'not negotiable'.
    6. A petty cash account must be kept on the imprest system, and the management committee must decide the amount of petty cash to be kept in the account.
    7. All expenditure must be approved or ratified at a management committee meeting.
    8. The treasurer must, as soon as practicable after the end of each financial year, ensure a statement containing the following particulars is prepared -
      1. the income and expenditure for the financial year just ended;
      2. the association's assets and liabilities at the close of the year;
      3. the mortgages, charges and securities affecting the property of the association at the close of the year.
    9. The auditor must examine the statement prepared under subsection (8) and present a report about it to the secretary before the next annual general meeting following the financial year for which the audit was made.
    10. The income and property of the association must be used solely in promoting the association's objects and exercising the association's powers.
    The management committee must ensure the safe custody of books, documents, instruments of title and securities of the association.

    The financial year of the association closes on 30 November each year.

    1. This section applies if the association:
      1. is wound-up under part 10 of the Act;2 and
      2. it has surplus assets.
    2. The surplus assets must not be distributed among the association members.
    3. The surplus assets must be given to another entity:
      1. having objects similar to the association's objects; and
      2. the rules of which prohibit the distribution of the entity's income and assets to its members.
    4. In this section -
      "surplus assets" has the meaning given by section 92(3)3 of the Act.

      2. Part 10 (Winding-up) of the Act
      3. Section 92 (Distribution of surplus assets) of the Act.