Club Services

Apple-Q offers a range of services for members. Non-members can attend one Monthly Meeting at no cost, however, other services are only available to members.

Monthly Meetings

We run a monthly meeting on the third Sunday of each month (except December). It is a jam-packed day, which will help you to get to know your Apple devices (Mac, iPad/iPhone, etc) and useful software. Regular sessions include: a question & answer session, mini training seminars and a demonstration on a different topic each month. We also have a door prize and raffles.

Training Seminars

Our low-cost training seminars are now free. They're a great way to get intensive training on a particular subject. The seminars normally run as two 2.5 hour sessions. Topics are chosen by members at the Monthly Meeting - one week prior to the seminars.

Training seminars are generally held on the fourth Sunday of each month except December. (Membership is required.)

Apple-Bug Magazine

We publish a monthly magazine (except December) in PDF format. The magazine covers the latest Mac and iOS news, tutorials, reviews, tips and club information.

Software Library

We produce a monthly DVD (or two) containing the latest freeware software and Apple software updates. It's a great way to get those larger software updates - especially for members with a slower or shaped internet connection. The DVD is available for a small fee.

One-on-One Training

During Monthly Meetings, we offer personalised training where you are the only student. There is a small charge and you will need to book in advance.

Phone Support

Members can get phone support between meetings. The phone number of the volunteers and their specialties are listed in each Apple-Bug Magazine.

New features to come…

Time and technology bring change. The forums and hardcopy library have now been closed, as the way we learn about and interact with technology (and each other) changes.

Apple-Q is investigating new ways to provide value and support in ways that meet our members' future needs.