Welcome to the Members’ Abyss Area of

Members’ Abyss is an area on the Apple-Q website that provides information exclusively for members. Once you’re logged in you will also see:

  • Members’ Abyss Menu will change to include the members only items:
    • Apple-Q-Cloud: direct access to Files Server that has everything!
    • Apple-Q-Core: where you can access our Apple-Q Publications (generic password required).
    • Abyss Blogs: message threads for members only;
    • Member’s Account: view account details.
  • Downloads Menu: items will have their Download buttons enabled;
  • Logout option in the menu bar.

Members’Abyss Menu:

You will see the following items once you select this menu while logged in:

Members’ Help:

  • Has a detailed description of the Members section of this site, its menus, contents, and how it functions.


  • This allows members direct passwordless access to our Apple-Q-Cloud File Server where all of our files are stored (including our Apple-Bug Magazine Archives.


  • Site where we hold our eBook collection of Apple-Q Publications (including our full collection of Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials, about 10 year of our most recent Apple-Bug Magazines, and a selection of articles extracted from them (in calibre library format)

Abyss Blogs: (Members Only)

  • This menu item contains Apple-Q’s message threads (Blogs). The current blogs are Apple-Q Information and Everything Apple.

Membership Account: (Members Only)

  • Modify your user settings.

Password Reset:

  • Here you are given information about how to change your password.

Apple-Q-Cloud Sub-Menu:

If you select Apple-Q-Cloud from the main menu you will go to its front page. However selecting from the sub-menu will take you to the separate repositories of our Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials, Apple-Bug Magazines, or Selected Articles from our magazine.

Abyss Blogs Sub-Menu:

Apple-Q Information:

  • Information & messages from the Apple-Q Committee.

Everything Apple:

  • General Information about Apple, its Devices, and operating them.

Downloads Enabled

The Apple-Q Publication (HowTo Tutorials, Apple-Bug, and Selected Articles) downloads are disabled unless you are logged in – once you do so the Download buttons become enabled – so you can now download anything!

Don’t forget our other sites: Apple-Q Services Web Sites


The Apple-Q Core contains Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials. Apple-Bugs, and selected articles you may find useful. It’s a separate Apple-Q Core login (not your Abyss login) but it’s also for members only.


This is the cloud storage site for Apple-Q (members only). It not only contains all of the contents of the Apple-Q-Core site but also many other files and items of interest to members (eg. Apple-Q Rules, Minutes, history, Apple-Bug Archival Copies, etc). When you log into this site you are automatically logged into it as well.

Why Abyss?

Prior to the internet taking off, computer groups provided “bulletin board systems” that gave members access to forums and file downloads. A limitation was that only one user’s computer could access the bulletin board at a time.

Apple-Q’s bulletin board system was called Abyss. With the rise of the internet, the bulletin board was replaced by this Abyss members only area. This Abyss can expand to offer far more features than the original bulletin board system.

In future, we plan to add more features to Abyss. What would you like to see here?

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