Join Apple-Q

Using a Mac is great…

You chose a Macintosh because you enjoy getting more done, faster and with less fuss.

Using iOS is natural…

You use an iPhone, iPad or both because you they give you more… more information, more music, more enjoyment.

Here’s how to get the most from your Mac, iPhone or iPad…

  • Feel confident about what you are doing;
  • Know the tips and shortcuts that save you time;
  • Understand what does what and why.

Get help in so many ways…

As a member of Apple-Q, you can access help and support in many different ways. You’ll have access to:

  • Monthly meetings with:
    • Demonstrations on Apple hardware, apps, & utilities;
    • Special sessions that focus on particular subjects;
    • Question & Answer sessions;
    • ‘Hands on’ assistance;
    • Over 400 Apple-Q HowTo Tutrials on topics generated by members;
    • Dedicated iPad, iPhone Session;
    • Download Freeware & Open Source software from our Wi-Fi Server (often include Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials on how to install & use);
  • Monthly Training workshops – four and two hour sessions by computer professionals;
  • Phone help lines and email support every day of the year;
  • Monthly electronic magazine – 11 issues per year.

Our ‘not for profit’ philosophy gives you terrific value for money…

Your low membership fee enables the club to cover costs, and ensure that we deliver a high standard of service. Read more about Apple-Q.

How To Join:


Application Form:

  • Download the PDF Entry Form, fill it in electronically, then upload it using our Upload Contact Form;

On-line Application:

  • Fill in the on-line Application Contact Form and click Submit;

You can request an Application Form to be mailed to you (fill in the Contact Form below):