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Apple-Q publishes the Apple-Bug monthly magazine 11 times per year – January to November. Apple-Bug is delivered to members electronically in PDF format.
Each edition contains the latest Apple news, reviews, tips and tutorial articles on the Apple Products (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, …) and related software & hardware.

To access our magazine, you will need to be a member. Apple-Q Publications are available from the Downloads menu. Your can view and download our Apple-Bug collection from here (Public Editions are also available).

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Apple-Bug 2021-09
Apple-Bug 2020-11
Apple-Bug 2021-03
Apple-Bug 2021-11
Apple-Bug 2021-10
Apple-Bug 2022-02
Apple-Bug 2022-01
Apple-Bug 2020-05
Apple-Bug 2020-09
Apple-Bug 2020-01
Apple-Bug 2021-08
Apple-Bug 2021-07
Apple-Bug 2022-03
Apple-Bug 2021-06
Apple-Bug 2020-06
Apple-Bug 2021-01
Apple-Bug 2020-08
Apple-Bug 2020-07
Apple-Bug 2020-04
Apple-Bug 2021-05
Apple-Bug 2021-04
Apple-Bug 2020-03
Apple-Bug 2020-02
Apple-Bug 2020-10
Apple-Bug 2021-02

Reading the Apple-Bug

All Macs, iPads, and iPhones will open the Apple-Bug files in PDF format. If you have some other operating system that does not open PDF files directly, you can download the Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site. Acrobat Reader is free. iPad users can also use a great free app called Documents by Readdle.

Preview the Apple-Bug now — free Public Editions

Trimmed down versions of selected editions are now available to the public. The contents comes directly from the full edition, which is only available to financial members.

Publishing in the Apple-Bug

Anyone can submit an article for the Apple-Bug. The editor has the final decision on which articles are published. Apple-Q members get rewards for articles they write that appear in the magazine.

You can submit your article in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, RTF, LibreOffice/OpenOffice Write or plain text formats. Contact the Apple-Bug Editor using the form below. You will them be given information about how to send or upload the article.

Advertising in the Apple-Bug

If you sell Apple related products or services, the Apple-Bug is a cost effective way to promote your products – costing just cents per reader.

The advertising rates for a single advert in the Apple-Bug are as follows:

SizeDimensions (W x H)Price
Business Card90mm x 55mm$10.00
1/4 Page (horizontal)280mm x 49mm$15.00
1/3 Page (vertical)94mm x 197mm$20.00
1/2 Page (vertical)140mm x 197mm$30.00
Full Page297mm x 210mm$50.00

Discounts are available for advertising in multiple issues. For the advert to be included, advertisement artwork and payment are required before the issue deadline, typically the first week of the month.

For details on how to submit your advertisements or rates on multiple issues, please contact the Editor using the form below.

Apple-Q may refuse to publish any advertisement that they deem to be unacceptable.

Adverts from Members

Members may insert free advertisements that are to be published in the Apple-Bug magazine. Due to the production timeline for the magazine, adverts placed after the deadline will be published in the following month’s magazine.

To place a new classified advert or update an existing advert, you need to contact the Editor via the email in the Apple-Bug Magazine or using the Contact Form below.

Contact the Editor: