Apple-Q Meetings

Meetings currently being held on-line via our Meeting Server (Discord)

Due to the ongoing problems with finding a normal venue we are currently holding our meetings on-line via our Apple-Q Meetings Server. If you have or know or a place that we can meet please let us know.

These are currently being held on the 3rd and 4th Sunday’s of the month (except December) between 1:00 and 2:50 pm (assembling at 12:50 pm).

Our Monthly Meeting is on the 3rd Sunday of the month while Our Training Event is on the 4th Sunday. Both are between 1:00 and 2:50 pm (assembling at 12:50 pm).

Our Meeting Server has Meeting Rooms, Char Groups, plus Text & Voice Channels.

The Meeting and Chat Groups and voice channels with the option to participate using video chat (your choice). You may also choose just to listen or participate via voice or messaging.

Members can also use private messaging, voice, or full video calls between members.

You can run Discord on your Mac, iPad, & iPhone (even Android & Wintel) – all at the same time with a single login. So you can even use it to text messages to other members or our help line at any time or place. You can easily transfer between these as well.

Discord has an extensive Support section including a Getting Started & Beginners Help Guide.

Find out more about Discord

At the start of 2023 Discord had over 390 Million users. Discord servers host 4 billion minutes of conversation / video every day.

Physical Meeting Details (not currently running)

We have an up-to-date meeting network: local wi-fi, 4G internet, presenter’s Mac with a laser data projector, sound system (wireless mics) plus a networked file server with over 500GB of Apple-Q resources (tutorials, magazine, free & open source apps, etc.

The main meeting consists of several mini training seminars, a question and answer session and a main demonstration. Members are encouraged to bring their computer, especially if they need technical assistance.

Other activities on the day include one-on-one training, raffles, software library and sales table.

Guests are welcome to attend one monthly meeting for free.

You will either need to bring your own lunch and cold drinks if you plan to stay for the whole meeting (finishes around 3:30pm), visit one of the nearby shops or shopping centres or purchase one of our delicious mince rolls for $4 (while stocks last). Hot drinks for $1 and a microwave are also available.
Training seminars are usually held a week after the main meeting.

Visit our Event Calendar for details on the next meeting.

Come for a visit? Contact our Secretary: