Apple-Bug 2024-07

During the last couple of meetings some questions were raised that warranted Apple-Q HowTo tutorials. The first was how to monitor battery […]

Apple-Bug 2024-06

At 3:00am Tuesday morning Apple hosted its World Wide Developers’ Conference 24 Keynote Address. Even though there were no actual new hardware […]

Apple-Bug 2024-05

Apple ‘Let Loose’ iPad Event. The interesting highlights for me were that they placed the new M4 chip in the iPad Pro […]

Apple-Bug 2024-04

We cover some nice tech stuff like a smart Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor, Near Field Communication (NFC) Discs (like those used […]

Apple-Bug 2024-03

If you do not know how to sign-up or use our Meeting Server there is also an article about that – including […]

Apple-Bug 2024-02

Apple Vision Pro Released… but just in USA On the 2nd of February the Apple Vision Pro was quietly released in the […]

Apple-Bug 2024-01

There is lots of information about new and upcoming Apple Technology including: Also a HowTo Tutorial on solving your home Wi-Fi problems […]

Apple-Bug 2023-12

Special December Edition This is a very special edition of the Apple-Bug. For the third time ever (as far is I can […]

Apple-Bug 2023-11

This is once a gain a large issue (36 pages) partly due to the 20 HowTo Tutorials that were written since last […]

Apple-Bug 2023-10

I have concentrated mostly on HowTo Articles this issue – the main one being fixing problems by Restarting or Resetting your Apple […]