This is a short summary of each position on the committee plus additional roles. Each committee position requires that the elected member attend the monthly General and Committee Meetings and assist with the general running, administration and promotion of the club.

A listing of the current management committee appears on page 2 of every issue of the Apple Bug.

Please note that some positions may require the member nominated to use some of their own computer equipment in order to fulfil their duties. However consumables and necessary hardware and software will be supplied by the club.

To act as chairman for all meetings and as such the person should be fully aware of the rules of the group. A knowledge of the rules of debate would be helpful. To foster a favourable climate for the growth of the club. Provide a monthly article summarising happenings in the club and anything of interest to club members.
To act on behalf of any other officer in their absence and to help organise special interest groups to maintain a sense of direction within the group.
Call meetings of the association, including preparing notices of a meeting and of the business to be conducted at the meeting in consultation with the president. Keeping the minutes of each meeting. Keeping copies of all correspondence and documents relating to the association. Clear the club’s PO Box on a regular basis.
Maintain records to reflect the true financial position of the club and to exercise control over all income and expenditure of the club and to offer advise on the availability or otherwise of funds necessary for club pursuits. Produce a monthly accounting to the committee of all the clubs funds, and stock, and provide the paperwork for the end of financial year audit as required by law.
Maintain the club register of members and keep control over the acceptance of new applications and renewals, sending out information as required. Follow-up delinquent members and remove them from the register in accordance with Rule 9.3.c. i.e. a member can be removed from the register if they are un-financial for a period in excess of two months. Regularly updating Apple-Q’s web member database.
Organise the monthly production of Apple-Bug to enable distribution to members in a timely manner. Establish and maintain contact with outside sources to obtain suitable publication material of interest to members.
Resources Officer
Produce copies of PD software on DVD at the monthly meeting (or as soon as possible thereafter). Keep an asset register of the association’s software holdings.
Training Coordinator
Organise training seminars for members, includes choosing subjects relevant to members’ needs, organising equipment, certificates etc. Provide a training column for the Apple-Bug showing what training is on offer and what training is coming up. Advise members of upcoming training via web site and email.
Update website content and manage club email addresses. Coordinate more significant changes with the club’s web developer. Report website statistics to committee.
Welcome Officer
To greet members as they arrive at monthly meetings, organise the sale of tickets and draws of raffles and door prizes. Maintain name tags for members to wear on club days.
Catering Coordinator
Provide catering on monthly meeting days. Co-opt assistance in the purchasing of provisions and ensure sufficient food and drinks are available where necessary. Organise the purchase of special provisions for the annual birthday celebrations.
…and committee assistants
These assistants help other committee members, such as the Training Coordinator and Editor, as well as general club day duties, such as setting up the meeting rooms.