Apple-Bug 2020-03

Apple Confirms that it’s Okay to Clean your iPhone with Disinfectant
Apple Gives Workers Experiencing Coronavirus Symptoms Unlimited Sick Leave
Apple-Q Seniors’ Community Event Open Day - 15th March
Be Connected Learning Portal & Free Training (Mac/iOS)
Be Connected Special Senior’s Event
Calendar 2019-20
Contents, Help Line
February Raffle Results
If your iPad Air suddenly goes dark, Apple will fix it for free
Larry Tesler, the Apple employee who invented cut, copy and paste, dies at 74
Main Presentation: Raspberry Pi (Mac, iOS, Apple Watch, Other)
President's Report
QuickBytes & QuickBits: What is the Cloud and how does it work?
Q&A - Tips: GIMP, Gramps, MAMP, and webtrees (Mac/web)
This Month’s Meeting Timetable
Training News
What’s On

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