Apple-Bug 2023-05

This month I have concentrated on two Apple technologies - AirPlay 2 and AirDrop. I have been using them both a lot lately. Also, due to a few of my devices no longer functioning over the last couple of years, I had the opportunity to upgrade to AirPlay 2 compatible devices. We also have Jude’s Findings and some great
MacMost videos for you to peruse. I hope that you enjoy this issue!

What’s On 2
Calendar 2023. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4
Vale Sam Ginsberg 5
How to Join our Apple-Q On-line Meetings 6
New Improved AirPlay 2: (Mac, iPad, iPhone) 7
AiPlay 2: In My Home (Mac, iPad, iPhone) 8-11
New from Be Connected 12-18
Jude’s Findings 19-22
Share Files Wirelessly with AirDrop (macOS, iPadOS, iOS) 23
New MacMost Videos 24-29
Committee and Assistants 30
Contact Details 30
Membership Fees 30

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