Apple-Bug 2023-06

It has been a big week for new Apple Releases, the biggest of which was an completely new type of computer - a Spatial Computer!

The main releases, apart from the Vision Pro were (read the articles):
Hardware: Mac Pro M2 Ultra; Mac Studio M2 Max & M2 Ultra; MacBook Air 15 inch;
Software: macOS Sonoma; iPadOS 17, and iOS 17.

Other articles include: WWDC23 Highlights, Mac Studio M2 Max & M2 Ultra, Comparing the Mac Mini to the New Mac Studio, New macOS Sonoma, New iPadOS 17, New iOS 17, and Other Releases. We also have our usual Jude’s Findings and Gary’s latest MacMost Video Tutorials. Gary also covers the new releases at the WWDC23.

A good summary of the feature highlights are covered in a short video called 17 big & little things at WWDC23 which is nice to watch. I have included an article about that too.

There were so many new things and features in all of the new OS versions that I was getting information overload. While watching and reading about it all I was finding myself thinking about how I might use it all.

What’s On 2
Calendar 2023. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4
How to Join our Apple-Q On-line Meetings 6
WWDC Highlights 7-10
Apple News: Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality Spatial Computer - 11-12
A Revolutionary New Computer: Vision Pro Spatial Computer 13-15
New iOS17 Makes iPhone more Personal and intuitive 16-18
New iPad 17 19-22
New macOS Sonoma 23-25
New Mac Studio M2 & M2 Ultra 26-28
Comparing the Mac Mini & New Mac Studio 29-30
Jude’s Findings 31-33
Other Releases at WWDC 34
17 big & little things at WWDC 35-37
New MacMost Videos 38-43
Committee and Assistants 44
Contact Details 44
Membership Fees 44

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