Apple-Bug 2023-11

This is once a gain a large issue (36 pages) partly due to the 20 HowTo Tutorials that were written since last month's Apple-Bug. There were too many to include any Quick or cut-down editions so there is an image of the cover-page plus a short summary - and it still takes up 11 pages.

We also have information about Apple's Scary Fast event that was held recently - there were three new M3 Apple Silicon Processors plus three new Mac computers - two MacBook Pros and an iMac.

Also interesting information about Fast USB charges - which type to purchase along with the correct USB cable.

Lots of new technology and stories of interest in Jude's & Leigh's Finding plus tutorials from information about new tutorials from Gary at MacMost. Enjoy!

Bill has once again done a great job editing this edition!


What’s On 2
Calendar 2023-24. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4
How to Join our Apple-Q On-line Meetings 5
Apple Releases 3 New M3 Macs 6-7
Purchasing a Fast Charger for MacBook, iPad & iPhone 8-10
Three New M3 Silicon Processors Released in New Macs 11-12
Jude’s & Leigh’s Findings 13-20
Be Connected: Learn the online Safety essentials 21-22
20 New Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials (Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch) 23-32
New MacMost Videos 33-35
Committee and Assistants 36
Contact Details 36
Membership Fees 36

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