Apple-Bug 2024-06

At 3:00am Tuesday morning Apple hosted its World Wide Developers’ Conference 24 Keynote Address. Even though there were no actual new hardware releases there was a vast number of software ones. I think all of Apple’s Operating Systems received updates. The watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS did not have many new features but the remainder (macOS, iPadOS, and iOS) received extensive new features. This was mostly due to Apple’s new AI called Apple Intelligence.

We have a 14 page article summarising what we think are the main features of Apple’s releases - we may have missed some. It is the biggest jump forward in functionally for many years. No other non-Apple operating systems have managed to fully integrate personal generative AI into their OS to date. We just have to hang on and see where it leads us. I have also included which Apple devices will run the new OS releases.

Jude looks into Smart TV redundancy, free Virtualisation app VMware Workstation Pro and other interesting tech things and Gary once again has some great video tutorials.

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