Apple-Bug: Apple-Q Contextual Help System (2022-04)

Have you ever been somewhere and needed on-the-spot help? That is what contextual help is. So wouldn’t it be good if this were built into an app or web site. The Gramps family history has it and I find it extremely helpful. So why not build it into a web site? That is what I did!

The new Apple-Q web site has Contextual Help built into the menu system. You do not need to click on the menu to activate it - just move your mouse over it and it pops down. However, clicking on it, or any sub-menu heading will bring up the Help page about that item (touch screen users tap once to open the menu, then again to access Help).

So if you were wondering what Members’ Abyss was you can find out quickly. Moving your mouse over the heading will bring up the menu -which well give you a better idea of what it is about:

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