Apple-Bug: Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials (2022-08)

There are around 400 Apple-Q HowTo Tutorial available to all Apple-Q Members. In the beginning, before any HowTo Tutorials even existed, I used to create a long email or text document (with screenshots) every time that a member asked me for a detailed step- by-step explanation on how to solve a problem that they had with their Mac. However I soon found that many members were often contacting me with the same problems.

This was even worse when members asked me to describe what to do over the phone without me being able to see their Mac. I often found myself trying to describe what they should be seeing on their screen and what to do next. I soon refined the help documents that I send members to include a large screenshot to go with each simple step that I gave them.

I then started to search back through my emails to members trying to find where I had previously sent a member a help email on a given topic in order to send that to another member who was asking the same questions. I found this very hit-and-miss and it was often faster to recreate it from scratch.

So I started to use LibreOffice to create these help instructions and save them within a single folder (with a descriptive titles to help me locate them in the future). So I would just send members who asked the PDF version of the file on How To solve their problem. These later gained the title ‘Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials’.

The trouble with the evolving way that these tutorials came about was that many of the early versions did not have a consistent structure, design, or layout. Also many of the links to external information became defunct or no longer relevant. One example of this was where I stored them. Initially I saved them on my personal

web server and sent out links to these tutorials to members. Later I started to use a great ebook app called calibre to organise and create a separate web site for them. A few years back this site was finally placed within a sub-domain of the site (

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