Apple-Bug: Gramps: Import Family Tree with Media (2022-05)

One of the biggest problems that I have had with importing my family trees into an application is making certain that the media remains attached to the entries in my imported family tree. The biggest problem is when that media is placed all over the drive and not in a single location. I have covered this in another tutorial but the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you place all of your media within a dedicated folder before you attach it to your family tree (no matter what app you are using).

If you are transferring your family tree between two different Gramps installations then you should Backup your family tree using Gramps then Import this backup into the second installation of Gramps (there is a HowTo tutorial about this).

So this tutorial assumes that your media is all within one parent media folder. It is also assumed that you have exported your family tree from your app as a GEDCOM file.

I have covered this topic with webtrees and I thought that I would do the same with Gramps.

I have written a full Apple-Q HowTo Tutorial about this which is available in the Downloads section of our Apple-Q web site.

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