Apple-Bug- How to digitise your own slides (2023-03)

Carlene recently sent me details about an interesting way to digitise your old photo slides - here is what she sent me:

A few months ago Nikki Gemmell’s article in the Weekend Australian magazine contained information on how her son digitised his slides/ transparencies. Unfortunately I tore the page out of the magazine without noting the date.

The last paragraph in her article says:

“How to digitise your own slides? Jago’s more than happy to share his set up. First, photograph a blank sheet of A4 paper, send it to your laptop and expand the white across the screen. This is your lightbox. Place a Blu Tac blob on a school rubber. Position this at the screen’s bottom. This is the stand for the slide. Take a photo of the slide on your phone using the “Portrait” setting. Crop and voila, you’ve got a pretty good image - most of ours were as clear as a bell. Send the shots to interested family members and I guarantee much shock snd laughter, tears and chuff will follow. And if anyone can remember the specifics of the slide, well then, gold.”

When I compare it with what I did with special equipment it seems an excellent way to go. I haven’t tried it the Gemmell way but would certainly give it a try if I had slides/transparencies left to digitise.

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