Apple-Bug: Jude’s Findings (2022-01)

When we produced the Apple-Q Disk of the Month there was always a folder which contained web links that Judith Hall had sent to me via email. There were lots of interesting tidbits of interest to Jude, me, and other members. So here are some of the things that she has found in the last month - actually quite a lot!

  • Travel Carrying Case for 24’’ iMac Desktop
  • Computer
  • iOS 15 bug could send iPhone into an endless loop of crashes
  • Apple-Q Member, Sam Ginsberg, Celebrates 100th
  • ‘I just thought to myself, this is how I die’: Jewish WWII soldier
  • Turn your iPhone into a simple burglar and flood detector with this toggle.
  • Free online Wordcloud generator
  • Another Famous Apple-Q Member: Sunday Mail, December 12 2021
  • Found at Aldi... Very retro!

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