Apple-Bug: Jude’s Findings (2022-02)

When we produced the Apple-Q Disk of the Month there was always a folder which contained web links that Judith Hall had sent to me via email. There were lots of interesting tidbits of interest to Jude, me, and other members. So here are some of the things that she has found in the last month

  • TopNotch - Tool that Makes the notch disappear
  • Safari bug leaks your browsing activity & Google account details By Killian Bell
  • How to View & Manage Compromised Passwords
  • on Your iPhone By Tom Twardzik
  • Preservation Stations
  • Impossible to pair Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • (A1016) after update to Monterey 12.0.1
  • Burn is not 64 Bit
  • BetterDummy Dummy Display for Apple Silicon Macs to Have Custom HiDPI Resolutions - an app from one of the makers of MonitorControl.

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