Apple-Bug: New Apple-Q Meetings Server (2022-03)

For a long time now I have been looking into a way for us to meet on-line. There are a lot of Meeting Servers (eg Zoom) and group Video/Audio Call apps (eg FaceTime, NextCloud Talk) however each one that I looked had unacceptable limitations (like hardware requirements, duration of sessions, number of participants, cost, etc).

I had been using a Group Chat Server called Discord for several years with my on-line gaming group but never really considered it would be good for what we require. I was once again searching through various options on the web when I found that several social groups were using it for their meetings.

When I started to look into it I found that you could have an unlimited amount of voice participants for an unlimited duration and that it was totally free! The only limitation of the free version is a limit of 25 video participants. Furthermore it was something that I had used a lot and was familiar with. I had never set up a server or manage one but how hard could that be?

I already had the Discord app installed on my Mac so I just created an Apple-Q President account, clicked on a plus sign and typed in a few details and the Apple-Q Meetings Server was born.

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