Apple-Bug- Space Starlink Experience (2023-02)

No doubt many members have heard me complain about the trials of living in a rural area (36k out of Brisbane) left behind in the communications field.

The NBN is not coming to our area which borders the Maiala National Park via a winding narrow road crossing the Creek at several points. The area has found itself in the “too hard basket”.

Because the area is sandwiched between two mountain ranges Sky Muster satellite service did not work - the locals tried it and gave up. The reason being the Sky Muster satellites are too high and not as numerous as the latest offering of Elon Musk’s Starlink which are more numerous and lower altitude than Sky Muster. Properties backing up to the range on the southern side of the road where the valley narrows — not easy, even with Starlink due to obstructions and clear sky is needed.

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