Apple-Bug 2023-09

Apple had their September Event today (Wednesday). I had all of the other articles completed except for this report and the ones that I have now completed about the announcements at the event.

There were two major product releases - new iPhones and Apple Watches. We also have release dates for all of the new versions of Apple Operating Systems:

I am looking forward to delving into all of the new Operating Systems as they become available - except for macOS as my iMac will not run it - I was hoping for a new iMac Pro release (sad face).

I have also written a series of articles about On-line Safety and Security. These include Spam Filtering and Improving your Web Browser Security via your app settings & Browser Add-ons.

We also have Jude’s findings that are very interesting as usual and some great video tutorials from Gary at MacMost. Please Enjoy!

What’s On 2
Calendar 2023-24. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4-5
How to Join our Apple-Q On-line Meetings 6
New Apple Watch 9 & Ultra 2 7-15
Jude’s Findings 16-18
iPhone 15 & 15 Pro 19-23
Protect Yourself Online 24-25
Web Browser Security Settings 26-27
Firefox Extensions: Add Security & Function(Mac) 28-32
Spam/Junk Filtering in Apple Mail (Mac) 33-35
New MacMost Videos 36-39
Committee and Assistants 37
Contact Details 37
Membership Fees 37

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