HowTo: Apple Pages: Rotate Content

People often wish to change the orientation of the pages within a document in order to fit a landscape object within a portrait document. Apple Pages does not allow you to do this instead they use rotated content. I often find this better if you are printing the document as you have strict control of which way the landscape pages are orientated when it is printed.
However this does not help if you are creating an electronic only version of your document (eg an eBook). If you wish to do this you will either have to have all of your pages orientated in a single direction (portrait or landscape) or use another application that supports multiple orientations within a single document such as LibreOffice (see Apple-Q HowTo: LibreOffice: Landscape & Portrait Pages in One Document). Another option is if you wish to save the Apple Pages as a PDF document then the Apple Preview application will allow you to rotate individual pages.
This tutorials covers Rotating the content using Apple Pages. Here is how...

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