HowTo: Safe Web: Firefox Security Settings

With an increase in people using the internet for information, banking, and shopping, it has become very important to practise safe browsing. There are many fake sites offering deals that are too good to be true. Emails sent to you from companies that you use that look real and even contain personal information but are in fact scams.
Data mining is performed by many companies like Google, You Tube, FaceBook, and Amazon. Many of these companies have come under increased pressure in a push for on- line privacy. Apple is in the process of giving users the option of blocking data miners access to your private information and these companies do not like it.
How can you use the internet safe and securely while dodging the scams and data miners? There are features that enable your web browsing to be more friendly and convenient, however many of these decrease your web security. So you have to reach a balance as to what is acceptable for you.
Here is how...
I will be using Firefox here but other browser have similar options.

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