HowTo: Submit Apple-Q Proxy Form (2022)(iPad)

This is a tutorial about how to fill out and send the Apple-Q Proxy Form for the 2022 AGM. We will need at lest 13 members in total (proxies + Apple-Q Committee Members who attend the Special AGM). If we do not get enough then we will have to delay the AGM if there are not enough numbers by March we will have to disband Apple-Q (under its rules).

You have the option of doing so totally electronically (using this tutorial if needed), filling it in manually (then emailing a scanned copy), or mailing a physical copy (and hope the it arrives in time) – it is your choice.

Here is how...

There is also a tutorial on how to Sign this form using a signature scanned in via your Mac’s camera (see Step 18 for details).

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