HowTo: AirDrop- Transfer Difficult Files from Mac to iPhone (2021)

This tutorial is the follow-up to two series of tutorials. The first AirDrop tutorial covered how to set it up. The next two covered transfer of files from the iPad/iPhone to the Mac. The next two in the AirDrop series covered the reverse – Mac to iPad/iPhone. This tutorial covers the problems that can arise when trying to get the iPhone/iPad to ‘read’ the file that you send it. The devices try to ‘guess’ which app might be able to open the file sent to it but it can sometimes get it wrong. There may also be another problem – there is no app on the iPhone/iPad that can actually read the file. Then when there is it will not show up in the Open with... options list (see right). This tutorial covers these issues and some ways to get around them (but not always). This is more of a discovery session than a tutorial.

Here is how...

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