HowTo: Apple-Q Meetings Server: Quick Guide to Accessing

This is a quick tutorial on how to install, set up, and connect to the Apple-Q Meetings
Server using the Discord app for macOS. This can be used for Virtual Meetings and
Training. It allows an unlimited number of members to join other members on-line for a
group chat session. Video is also supported for up to 25 people – but this will not be
covered here.
This tutorial skips several steps and assumes that you something about installing
applications. You may be asked for permission to access microphone, camera, and keyboard
during the setup.
Either your Discord username or About Me needs to include
your real name and membership number.
We suggest that you create a username of your choice but include
an About Me that has your name and Apple-Q membership
We use this to make sure only Apple-Q Members have access to
the server.
Here is how...

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