HowTo: Mouse Button Remapper (Karabiner-Elements)(Mac)

Karabiner is a powerful keyboard & mouse button customiser for the Mac. This software is used by those who wish to reassign one or more keys on a keyboard for various reasons:

  • faulty keys can be reassigned to unused ones on your keyboard;
  • to create a multi language keyboard on your main or alternate keyboard;
  • Mac gamers can use this to assign keys or extra mouse buttons to WinTel only devices or even older ones whose drivers no longer works due to a system upgrade. The Logitech software that allowed me to remap and assign macros to my 9- buttoned G300s mouse became erratic under Ventura. I will use this as a demonstration of how to make the extra buttons work again! Here is how... See my Keyboard Remapper tutorial for keyboard / gaming keypad remapping.

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