Apple-Bug 2023-12

Special December Edition

This is a very special edition of the Apple-Bug. For the third time ever (as far is I can remember) we are producing an Apple-Bug in December - the previous time was in 1986. By Members’ request we will also be holding a December Meeting! This edition is mostly an Informational Edition - plus the famous Harvey Christmas Village is unveiled!

Jude and Leigh have once again been busy surfing the web in search of interesting Apple Information, Technology, and Events.

Apple have released its Apple Store Finalists & Award Winners for 2023. There is also a new release of tvOS along with a method of accessing the ‘double-tap’ function on older Apple Watches.

Use Zoom and Discord on your large screen TV via AppleTV and ‘downgrade’ your macOS Version.

What’s On 2
Calendar 2023-24. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4
Jude’s & Leigh’s Findings 5-11
HowTo: Download Web Videos 12-16
Christmas Village 2023 17
Be Connected: Favourites for 2023 18-20
How To Join our Apple-Q On-line Meetings 21
Information: Help Apple-Q: Joining Be Connected & Tutorials 22-24
New MacMost Videos 25-27
Committee and Assistants 28
Contact Details 28
Membership Fees 28

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