Apple-Bug: Jude’s Findings (2023-05)

When we produced the Apple-Q Disk of the Month there was always a folder which contained web links that Judith Hall had sent to me via email. There were lots of interesting tidbits of interest to Jude, me, and other members. So here are some of the things that she has found in the last month:

Jude recently found Wi-Fi 7 Routers starting to be sold on the web and wanted to know more about them.

  • This Original iPhone (still sealed) bought at Sotheby’s for $US40,000 and Unboxed
  • Make Something Wonderful Steve Jobs Archive
  • SpaceX - To Mars and Beyond - one giant leap & explosion!
  • Last Night, the Spotify App Talked to Me for Two Hours
  • Emergency SOS via satellite available today on the iPhone 14 line-up in Australia and
    New Zealand

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