Apple-Bug 2023-07

Find out what is the latest system that each Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV can run (including how to find out what model and system you are running on any of these devices).

Quick versions of Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials on how to Extract, Delete, and Combine PDFs using the Apple Preview app that comes with your Mac. You can also use it to create a PDF of a group of selected photos.

Other tutorials include:
* Using the new Nextcloud app (for iPad/iPhone) to access and manage your Apple-Q eBooks (HowTo Tutorials, Apple-Bugs, & Selected articles) - you can even read them while off-line.
* Resurrect your old input devices that no longer work with your current version of macOS and use non-Mac devices (keyboards, mice, game-pads,...) using Karabiner-Elements - a universal input device driver.

Great new video tutorials from Gary at MacMost and great discoveries with Jude's Findings!


What’s On.
Calendar 2023. Contents, Help Line.
President's Report.
How to Join our Apple-Q On-line Meetings.
Now over 1000 informational items on Apple-Q sites.
Quick HowTo: Combine Using Preview (Mac).
Quick HowTo: PDF: Create From Multiple Photos (Mac).
Quick HowTo: PDF: Delete Pages Using Preview (Mac).
Quick HowTo: PDF: Extract Selected Pages Using Preview (Mac).
What System Can Each Mac Run?
MacOS X, OS X and macOS Version information.
What System Can Each iPad Run?
What System Can Each iPhone Run?
What System Can Each Apple TV Run?
What System Can Each Apple Watch Run?
Jude’s Findings
More New Apple HowTo Tutorials (mac, iPad, & iPhone).
New MacMost Videos.

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