Apple-Bug: 2023-08

Special FOSS Edition (Free & Open Source Software)

I received an email from the Software Freedom Day people. In the past we have given members a FOSS DVD (Free & Open Source Software) in September or October each year - we tried to align it with our Apple-Q Birthday Celebrations. Software Freedom Day is being held on or around the 16th of September this year. September or October is also the time when Apple releases a lot of products. So I decided to dedicate this month’s issue to FOSS along with some great free Be Connected stuff thrown in.

So replace your Commercial app with Free ones and never pay for them again!

We also have our usual articles: Jude’s Findings and Gary from MacMost with some great tutorials - a couple of which I did not know about! I hope that you enjoy this Special FOSS Edition!

What’s On 2
Calendar 2023-24. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4-5
How to Join our Apple-Q On-line Meetings 6
Information: Help Apple-Q: Joining Be Connected & Tutorials (Mac/iOS) 7
Information: Joining Be Connected & Tutorials (Mac/iOS) 8-9
New from Be Connected 10-12
Free & Open Source Apps - MacUpdate (Mac) 13-17
Free Replacements for Common Commercial Apps (Mac) 18-22
Jude’s Findings 23-26
Fixing the Apple-Q Logo with Inkscape 27-30
New MacMost Videos 31-36
Committee and Assistants 37
Contact Details 37
Membership Fees 37

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