HowTo: Disable Kindle KFX Encoding (2023-08)

Amazon has introduced a new form of Encoding/DRM called KFX. Apprentice Alf’s DeDRM Tools will no longer remove this. Luckily the project has been taken over by noDRM and a KFX_Input Plugin has been developed to allow calibre to remove the Kindle DRM. However it has been reported that some people have been unsuccessful with this process.

Someone else has developed a method of disabling KFX within the Kindle app however this involves the Terminal and entering a command. It is a simple Copy & Paste along with Deauthorising then Authorising the Kindle app. This last step temporarily removes all of your books from your Mac however they still remain as purchases and can to easily downloaded again.

Here is how...

Note: You should already have installed the DeDRM and KFX_Input plugins into calibre as per the calibre 5+ Installation with DeDRM Plugin tutorial.

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