Apple-Bug 2024-02

Apple Vision Pro Released... but just in USA

On the 2nd of February the Apple Vision Pro was quietly released in the USA only. Apple states that this is because of supply issues but has not given a date for its World Release - some are predicting that it may not be until around the WWDC 2024 in June.

There is an article on the unboxing and first impressions of the Vision Pro later in the edition. There are also a few articles about it in the Jude’s (& Leigh’s) Findings article (along with other great finds).

Lost or Stolen iPhone (or other Apple Device)

I also had a couple of members recently ask about what they should do if their iPhone was lost or stolen. I gave a general answer but I decided to look into exactly what to do in either situation. I gathered information from several Apple Support Documents and placed them in a single article. I have also linked each article so members can look into more detail if they need to.

Apple-Q Annual General Meeting (AGM)

I have had three other members express interest in four Committee Positions. However at the time of writing this article I have only received three proxies - which means that we need at least ten members to attend the AGM to get a quorum (thirteen required: attendees + proxies) or the AGM will not go ahead.

If you do not intend to join the meeting then please consider sending in a Proxy (see the emails that I sent out or read the article in this edition).
Other items of Interest
Be Connected have some good recent articles, PodCasts, and Courses that have great information about eSafety and web searching. MacMost video tutorials are also very informative.


What’s On 2
Calendar 2024. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4
Committee Elections 2024 5-6
Apple-Q Management Committee Nomination Form 6
Proxy Form if unable to be at AGM 7
How to Join our Apple-Q’s On-line Meetings 8
Apple Vision Pro hands-on 9
iPhone is stolen or Lost? 10-12
Recent Content from Be Connected 13-16
Jude & Leigh’s Findings 17-24
New MacMost Videos 25-27
Committee and Assistants 28
Contact Details 28
Membership Fees 28

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