Apple-Bug 2024-04

We cover some nice tech stuff like a smart Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor, Near Field Communication (NFC) Discs (like those used in Credit Cards), and an Apple friendly PowerBank (recharge all Apple mobile devices via MagSafe or Fast (PD3) Charging).

With even more recent problems with one-line safety & security we have included four articles about this. Be Connected (eSafety) also has more great articles, guides, and courses on these topics.

Jude (with some help from Riesa) have a found lots of great information of the web - so much that it required 11 pages! Gary from MacMost has also been very busy creating many video tutorials.



What’s On 2
Calendar 2024. Contents, Help Line 3
President's Report 4-6
How to Join our Apple-Q’s On-line Meetings 7
Protect Yourself On-line 8-9
New from Be Connected 10-11
Firefox Extensions: Add Security & Function (Mac) 12-16
Web Browser Security Settings 17-18
Jude’s (and Riesa’s) Findings 19
Jude’s Findings 20-29
New MacMost Videos 30-33
Committee and Assistants 34
Contact Details 34
Membership Fees 34

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