Apple-Bug: Apple-Q-Cloud Features & Tutorials (2022-05)

Now that the Apple-Q-Cloud is linked to the main Apple-Q site you can more easily access the site (simply go to the Members’ Abyss menu while logged in). As the name suggests the Apple-Q-Cloud is actually a Cloud Server run by Nextcloud Server software.

Nextcloud has many features and up until now we have only really used it as a file storage site. I have started to use more of its features - one of which is as a File Download Server. All of our over 1000 Publications are stored on this server and are viewed or downloaded when a request is sent from the main site. This keeps the main site small and fast with fewer changes required.

The Apple-Q-Cloud can also be used to synchronise files across many sites including users’ computers - I use this on my iMac. Not only does it serve as a file backup for the server but I can simply save files to the synced folder and it is automatically uploaded to the server. You can also sync other things like contacts, calendars, etc.

Another advantage of this folder sync is that the files can be used even when the internet is not available - it acts as off-line file storage. Once the internet is available again any changes will be synced back to the server.

So what use are these features to Apple-Q Members? There are many and I have started to write some Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials to show how they may be used.

Note: you will need to be logged in to the Apple-Q Site to access these tutorials and the links to them.

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