Apple-Bug: Sign in with Apple-Q (SSO) (2022-04)

Web sites are greatly enhanced by their images, however in order to be presentable, the images can become very large. These large images make the pages that they contain slow to transfer and display on a computer screen. Also, web space on internet servers can be expensive, so having a great number of large images can also be expensive.

Apple-Q has well over 1000 PDF files that include the Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials, Apple-Bug, and Selected Articles. Their total sizes is around 3GB and still growing. There is no way that we can store these with our web site as well as all of their thumbnails.

So the answer was to not do so - simple? However not having access to these great resources is not really an answer worth having.

Now, we already store all of Apple-Q’s files (around 50GB) in our own private cloud server - the Apple-Q-Cloud. So wouldn’t it be

great if we could access these files directly from the main Apple-Q site? Doing this would keep our main site clean, small, and fast (just the thumbs would be a problem).

I have managed to do this by using a Secure and encrypted login process called Single Sign On (SSO). Apple, Google, Amazon, and many other large companies use a similar process - Apple’s is called Sign in with Apple - so I guess our’s should be called Sign in with Apple-Q.

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