Apple-Bug: Should you update to Apple Ventura? (2022-11)

Apple finally released macOS Ventura (13) this month after a few unexpected delays due to last minute bugs being found by the Beta Testers and Developers.

There are many significant changes from macOS 12 and many members have made comments that it is “a lot different”. As with any new operating system I usually try to delay updating for a couple of weeks to see what problems Mac users from around the world have experienced.

The other reason that I delay is to see what updates there are for the various hardware devices and software that I use. For my Mac I usually install the new version of macOS on a separate external drive and use Migration Assistant to transfer my ‘stuff’. I then boot from that and see what no longer works with the new system. After using this for a couple of weeks I then either update the main startup drive to the new system or, more usually, use SuperDuper! to clone the external drive back to my main startup drive.

I am rather paranoid and create a full cloned image of my main startup drive before I do anything to it. So if some major problem is detected after using the new macOS version for a while, I can easily revert back to the previous version.

I have created various Apple-Q HowTo Tutorials on macOS System Installation and using SuperDuper! to clone and backup your drives.

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